State Puppet Theatre

In 1951, the community of Varna invited Georgi Saravanov, famous puppeteer, stage designer and director who had laid the foundations of the marionette theatre in Plovdiv (1948) to establish a puppet theatre in Varna. He accepted the invitation, came to Varna and established a group of beginning actors, part of which have graduated from a musical school.

In August 1952, the puppet performance The Duckling by Nina Gernett and Tamara Gurevich was played in the old hall of the Varna Commune theatre with marionettes that Saravanov made by himself. His unique puppets from the first performances can be seen at the Museum of Puppets nowadays.

On 12th July 1985, the theatre was accommodated in a new building in the city centre – a valuable architectural monument that was originally adapted to the needs of a modern cultural institute.

Opening hours: 
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 - 17:00hrs
Saturday - Sunday: 17:00 - 19:00hrs
Day off: Monday

4 “Dragoman” Str. 
Tel. +359 52 607 844, +359 888 123 604

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