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Dobri Hristov National School of Arts

It was established as a school of music in 1944 and was the first state music institute in Varna. In 1956 it was named after the outstanding music pedagogue, composer, critic and academician Dobri Hristov.

Four are the founders of the school – Hristina Stoyanova, Nayden Naydenov, Mila Mihaylova and Veselina Zafirova. Among the respected headmasters are the names of Mircho Mirchev, Dimitar Raychev, Marko Dobrev. Since 2008 headmaster of the school has been Hristo Dipchikov – teacher in chamber music.

Alumni of the are numerous famous Bulgarian composers, singers, orchestra conductors, fine art lecturers, ballet pedagogues and artists.

The National School of Arts is situated in the center of Varna in a building which is a monument of culture.

In January 2004 it received the status of a National school of Arts and is the first national school outside the capital.

Nowadays there are twenty-six specialties in three main profiles: music, ballet and fine arts. About 60 graduates start their career in the fields of music, ballet and fine arts every year. After an admission examination the students start from first class - 7 year olds and finish 12th class at 18, getting a general high school diploma as well as a certificate of professional education in the respective field of study, namely: all the classical music instruments, classical singing, Bulgarian national instruments, Bulgarian national singing, pop and jazz singing, classical dancing and fine arts. Encouraging the creative part of study, the National School of Arts holds out to the audience a students' brass band, a string orchestra, a mixed choir, a Bulgarian folklore group, a percussion band, an accordion ensemble and a guitar band, a diversity of chamber music groups and a children's ballet troupe.

The students of the school are actively involved in the cultural events of the city. They have many appearances in the country and abroad. Traditional are their participation in the Varna Summer International Music Festival, in the ballet performances of the Varna Opera, concerts with orchestras from Varna, Shumen, Dobrich, in exhibitions in the country and abroad.

The Dobri Hristov National Contest for Performance of works by Bulgarian composers has been organized in association with Dobri Hristov Foundation (3 editions).

The school in association with the Society for Bulgarian, Czech and Slovac friendship organizes a Competition for performance of works by Czech and Slovac composers. It hosts Mila Mihaylova National Pioan Competition and Chopin in memoriam International Piano Competition. 

For contacts:
Varna 9000
№ 34, Stefan Karadzha Str.
Mr. Hristo Dipchikov , Headmaster 
tel.: +359 52 620 725

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