Община Варна - култура и изкуство
Cultural Institutions

Palace of Culture and Sports

115,  Knyaz Boris Blvd.

The Palace of Culture and Sports is an indoor multifunftional comlex for cultural, sport and congress events. It has 6 multifunctional halls, recreation center, fitness clubs, press-center and a large trade center. 

Congress Hall can be automatically reorganized. In the sports version the playground measures 50 m by 25 m. The electronic information board can count the real play time and astronomical time.

Mladost Halls comprise 5 separated halls suitable for training halls, for large-scale tournaments and have a direct indoor connection with Congress Hall.

Immediately next to the hall is the Palace Press Hall with 200 seats, an independent sound system, local air conditioning, a presentation screen and high speed Internet connection. Its main purpose is to hold press conferences, seminars, training sessions, company events.

There are two fitness clubs in the complex equipped with modern machines and professional instructors. The recreational centre is equipped with everything necessary for complete recuperation and rehabilitation. The electric, light and water treatment sessions, as well as those of needle therapy and remedial gymnastics.

The Palace of Culture and Sports has a large Trade Centre with over 70 shops and bars offering various opportunities for relaxation and spare time.

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